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SLOT Art Festival

SLOT Art Festival is an annual meeting of over 6,000 people. Over the course of 5 days and 500 events, they can share and explore God as we know Him: extremely creative, full of love and giving us our true freedom.


We take advantage of the unique space of the former monastery, once the world's largest Cistercian Abbey, the size of which is similar to that of the Spanish El Escurial. Today the building is desecrated and it remains deserted for most of the year. Young people from Polish urban and rural areas can live in the shadow of the Baroque walls for a few days each summer. Surrounding meadows and lawns turn into campsites and empty halls into cosy cafes, lecture rooms and music clubs. This huge palace is once again filled with life - like a small town called into existence only once a year for not even a week. It is built with our own hands and every one of us is responsible for what will happen there. For many, it is a prototype of the Kingdom, a space to experience freedom, love and development - in meetings with other people and God.


The programme of the festival includes almost 500 events within 5 days and nights. Volunteer enthusiasts share their skills in the framework of 150 workshops. During meetings and discussions you can get to know experts and authorities in various fields. There is no shortage of films, performances and exhibitions, as well as concerts and events on 10 different music stages: from morning worship, through rock and hip hop, to atmospheric sounds at night in a Gothic cathedral. You can hear the Gospel in the stories of life, prayer, but also in lectures on the responsibility for our planet and social justice or while taking part in artistic workshops.There is an infinite opportunity to experiment and discover - an opportunity to be not only a recipient, but above all a creator.


Among the more than 6,000 SLOT-makers, almost 2,000 are actively involved in building this town. Volunteers not only conduct workshops, give lectures or play concerts. They build temporary electrical and water installations, move equipment, take care of cleanliness and safety. Working in intergenerational teams, they exchange experiences and teach each other. It is here, where we can share the Gospel through service and relationships built up while we work side by side. SLOT can be a detachment from everyday life, and for some it becomes an opportunity to find their own path in life.

If you consider getting involved in the festival’s program or help as a volunteer, do not hesitate to contact Pola Szymura, SLOT Office Manager

+48 600 097 092


Over the last 25 years SLOT has become more of a movement than an organisation. Our desire is for this experience of community and responsibility for one's own choices, the environment and the people around us to make an influence on the way we live throughout the remaining days of the year.

There is only one person working all-year full time in the SLOT office. We strive to keep in touch with more than a hundred volunteer coordinators and support their development. Some of them create SLOT-inspired projects in their places of residence - makeshift cafes, cultural centers and events. We help them in formalities, as well as creating a team and a shared vision of action. We are also starting to publish content related to SLOT-based DNA in the form of SlotMag online magazine. We try to respond to noticed needs that change dynamically - just like people's stories.

We are currently building a group of donors whose regular support will allow us to hire a coordinator for our “SLOT 365” project.


SLOT Art Festival is almost entirely financed by its participants: from tickets and purchases at the event site in cafes, food trucks or our merchandise shop. It's an incredible situation in which you can help not only by working as a volunteer, but also by becoming a patron of this event! This is perhaps the largest crowdfunded project for culture in Poland.

The festival also finances the year-round activities of the office, which is a blessing, but at the same time makes us dependent on many random events affecting attendance - such as the weather.

Thank you!

That is why people who are ready to support this project all year round are so important to us. In this way, even symbolic donations add up to significant amounts.

If you want to learn more, feel free to contact Ola Zając, our fundraiser:

Why is it worth it?

We do it because we like to watch people learn from each other, pass on their skills and be infected with passion.

We do it because we believe in a handmade culture that is not created on a production line. In the SLOT culture, you are the creator.

We do it for the satisfaction of working together. The sight of thousands of volunteers who devote their time and skills to build our small town is more enjoyable than a chocolate bar.

We do it because there are important things that need to be said. We want to talk about the responsibility for our planet and the people who live on it; about the art and the values it serves.